Feedback About Our Centre

Nino Pipia

Counsellor, Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Argentina

“I’ve been working in the MFA since 2010. I started as an intern in the Latin America and CaribbeanDivision of the Department of the Americas and later I was appointed as III Secretary within the same division. For me, working for the Ministry is interesting, useful and of course, full of responsibilities. As time goes by, just like everywhere else, you grow professionally, develop a desire to do more and therefore, learn more, since it’s never too late to learn something new. That’s how I came to the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training Centre. Here, together with my colleagues I participated in the Consular Training.

The agenda of the programme turned out to be very intensive, though mandatory and essential for those who intend to undertake consular responsibilities in the future. The curriculum was diverse, the lectures were led by representatives of different institutions and we had to sit an examination at the end. I have to confess that this was one of the most difficult and professional exams I have ever taken in my life (and I have taken many), but I guess this is also part of professional growth.

I currently work as a Counsellor at the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Argentina. There I also carry out consular duties, which I would have been unable to undertake had I not gone through the Consular Training course and had I not had support from my colleagues, which I have always appreciated. I would like to thank everyone for this. I hope the Centre will be expand further in future and will assist more diplomats in their professional growth and development.


Achiko Sudadze

I Secretary

Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Turkey,

Republic of Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina

In 2013, I participated in the course for young diplomats organized by the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training Centre. The course was delivered by Georgian and foreign experts and invited lecturers. I think that the course provided me and my colleagues with valuable and important knowledge, which I apply effectively in my professional life. I would like to use this opportunity to thank each of the DTC staff and the trainers, who are outstanding professionals in their areas of expertise.

In 2014 I was also involved in the “Commercial Law Development Programme” (CLDP). This course was special because all participant and lecturers discussed together scenarios for Georgian economic development, world economic trends and types of trade and economic relationships. Most importantly, the course provides the best tools for Georgian diplomats, working on economic issues, to gain further knowledge and use it effectively in their respective host countries. During the course I was presented with a copy of the “Georgian International Economic Diplomacy Guidebook”, which has become my reference book at work.

I would once again like to thank the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training Centre and all its trainers for their great work“ .



Luka Sartania

I Secretary

Embassy of Georgia to the Kingdom of Denmark,

Accredited to the Republic of Iceland

“The six-month programme for newly recruited diplomatic staff provided us with in-depth information on the highest priority issues for Georgia, as well as the cultural and historic heritage of different regions and countries. This course plays a vital role in the professional development of diplomatic personnel and it provided us with an opportunity to upgrade our qualifications in concrete fields, which are of the utmost importance for effective work. The programme was delivered by highly qualified Georgian, as well as foreign, diplomats and experts. The invited guests shared information about important international trends, as well as their personal experiences working in the diplomatic service. As a result, we have further improved our professional and practical skills. Special attention was paid to negotiations, PR and media skills, which are instrumental in the protection of Georgia’s national interests and its promotion abroad.

I would like to wish the Diplomatic Training Centre success in its future work. The Centre does a great job in supporting the professional development of Georgian diplomats. I also look forward to the expansion of the Centre to increase the participants benefitting from its long-term training for young diplomats. I strongly believe that the successful training courses conducted by the Centre directly strengthen the effectiveness of Georgian diplomats. The success of Georgian diplomacy, in its turn, is one of the main elements of the country’s achievements”.


Shota Dolidze


Consulate General in Istanbul

“Firstly I would like to make clear that I highly appreciate the existence of the Diplomatic Training Centre within the MFA of Georgia, a Centre which plays a crucial role in the development of Georgian diplomacy.

I participated in the Turkish language course and I can confirm that, despite its short duration, the course was flawless in terms of both content and organization.

It is worth saying that, due to my consular duties, I have daily communication in the Turkish language with representatives from both public and private organizations. Without having completed the course and gained a basic knowledge of the language, it would have been very difficult for me to communicate at all.

Consequently, I would like to thank the MFA management and staff of the Diplomatic Training Centre and to wish them every success in their daily work”.


Katerina V. Ossenova

Program Manager for Eastern Europe/Eurasia

Commercial Law Development Programme

United States Department of Commerce

The U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) has greatly enjoyed its partnership with the Diplomatic Training Centre for the past 3 years. The Training Center and its staff worked closely with CLDP on developing an institutionalized commercial diplomacy curricula and also undertook the development of a Guidebook for Georgian Diplomats on Economic Issues. This comprehensive guidebook, written by a team of Georgian specialists, covers a wide range of topics such as trade policy and international commercial dispute resolution but also includes practical advice and resources for commercial counselors posted at Embassies. The Training Center’s work and dedication has greatly improved the training and knowledge base of new and current diplomats in Georgia. The importance of the Training Center’s work cannot be underscored as the work carried out by Georgia’s Diplomatic Corps has a direct impact on its political and economic development. CLDP looks forward to continued cooperation with the Diplomatic Training Center.


Kakhi Kenkadze

Senior Counsellor

Embassy of Georgia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Diplomatic Training Centre of the MFA is a successful example of academic institutionalization of Georgian diplomacy. This is a place for exchanging and sharing the knowledge and empirical experience of Georgian diplomats. It also attracts diplomats and experts in international relations from many countries around the world. This enables young diplomats, almost perpetually and without leaving the MFA premises, to learn about important ongoing events in the international arena. It was a great pleasure and honour for me to deliver lectures in the Centre, which carries the name of my colleague and friend, Levan Mikeladze – diplomat, who considered truth superior to any political conjecture. I would like to thank Maia Kipshidze, Director of the DTC, for the qualitative transformation of the Centre and wish her, and her talented team, success in this great national endeavour.


Rati Mamporia

III Secretary

Consular Department


“I would like to declare that the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training Centre has played a vital role in my professional growth as a diplomat. Even while in the diplomatic reserve, I became involved in the training programme for young diplomats offered by the Centre. The programme gave me the opportunity to acquire knowledge from highly qualified experts in different areas on a variety of topics, so important for the successful and professional implementation of diplomatic duties. Alongside many short-term courses, I would place special emphasis on the long-term training programme - Consular Training. This programme provided me with theoretical and practical knowledge on consular related issues.

I would like to thank the Training Centre for its contribution to my professional development and hope for the expansion of the Centre to develop a cadre of an even larger number of professional diplomats for the benefit of our country”.


Janis Dreimanis

Defence Attaché

Embassy of Latvia

Thank you very much for this excellent possibility to study the Georgian language. This basic knowledge of Georgian already helps me to communicate with the local population. I would also appreciate it if there would be a possibility to continue this course...


Iordan Tenev

Attaché, Ecoonomic Affairs

Embassy of Bulgaria

It was a great idea to learn Georgian. It was very nice to meet with other colleagues who want to learn your language. …… I want to tell my colleagues, to Khatuna (teacher), to you and your colleagues from the Centre and to the initiators of the MFA my thanks and best wishes for success.